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Laurie Thibault

I always know I will have a motocycle someday. My uncle, my father, a lot of people around me drive one and the idea to have mine one day became true. This summer was my first summer since I had my license. I had my license 2 years ago but my desire to travel stopped a little bit my pratise. Well when in april (2023), i just have a little accident when the road wasn’t perfecty clean, but i didn’t hurt myself a lot. My first lesson on the road and right now I’m more careful. I passed the rest of the summer to enjoy with my bike and to discover the beautiful ride in Quebec. In Quebec, I was a delivery girl of flowers and I was going at Saguenay to delivery. Now, I live in UK and I’m an assistant teacher. A place where motocycle can circule all the year. Maybe I will check to start motocycle here too !