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Motorcycle Lifts – The Specifics You Need to Know

You should check your bike regularly to ensure it is up for the task. Equipping your garage with the necessary tools for bike checkups and general repairs, you can upkeep your motorcycle and fix little issues when needed. I am not telling you about doing extensive repairs on your bike but about making slight checks to prevent long-term damage.

You will still be able to visit a mechanic if the issue exceeds your expertise. But the slight oil checkups, tire repairing, greasing, shaft upkeep, and so on you can do by yourself easily when you have the right tools in your garage.

There are a lot of benefits to using the proper equipment and the best motorcycle jack. The lift plays an essential role when it comes to bike checkups, so it is crucial to choose a durable and comfortable model.

A Detailed Guide on Purchasing the Best Motorcycle Lift

Under this section, I have prepared a detailed guide to help amateurs understand more about motorcycle lifts and their importance. Pros shouldn’t feel left behind, as the manual contains several factors to take into consideration when purchasing the best motorcycle lift table. Therefore, The information below will help you make a worthy purchase. But first of all, let’s cover the basics.

What Is a Motorcycle Lift?

By being built specifically for handling motorcycles, a bike lift is an essential tool that can be used to raise your motorbike to a given height. The elevated motorbike position will help you to operate and execute checkups and maintenance comfortably.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Jack

The most important benefits:

  • When using a lift, working, or performing your bike’s repair will be smooth, and you will have little strain when doing it;
  • Considering the danger posed by traditional support methods and the energy required to raise the bike to any level, the bike lift is a beneficial solution. Using a lift lets you work on your bike quickly and be exposed to no danger. Thus, you can have a complete focus on the issue with the bike only;
  • a bike lift enables access to those hard-to-reach surfaces for a complete check and repair;
  • You can change the height and the position of the lift when working on the bike efficiently;
  • It also protects you from dirt and mud instead of lying on the ground.

What is the Maximum Capacity of the Motorcycle Lift?

In most cases, lifts can support up to 1100 pounds. That’s the figure I have come across in almost every bike lift I have used. However, there are lifts with a capacity of 1500 pounds.

What Important Features to Consider When Purchasing Motorcycle Lifts?

There are many features that should be considered when choosing and buying:

  1. The main reason for buying a bike lift is to elevate your motorcycle. Thus, your bike’s weight becomes an essential factor to consider. For the lift to be put into productive use, it must be in a position to support more than the bike’s weight.
  2. Cost consideration should come next. Do not overpay for inferior-quality products. Read reviews and learn from those who have been using the product. Is the item worth buying, or is it a waste of resources?
  3. How often do you need to use the item? Is it resilient enough to handle frequent use? If the equipment will be used daily, then quality should be one of the main factors to consider.
  4. For outdoor use, the material making the lift should be rust-resistant. Also, consider the size in case your garage is not large enough to accommodate huge lifts.


For your convenience, bike lifts come in various models to pick from. Hydraulic, manual, and automated lifts differ in the speed of job execution and cost. Steel-made products are also more potent and resilient, and your choice should revolve anywhere between quality and resilience. You need to make a purchase that will serve you close to a lifetime.

Safety Measures

Your safety should come first, especially when using a lift for your bike. Thus, you need to check if the item has straps for keeping the bike in its intended place as you work.

Adjusting the height to the maximum level ensures the item provides optimal stability. Do not overload the lift because the bike can fall off. Most lifts bear less weight than the stated value. Therefore, I recommend going for a lift that is stated to take care of more weight than your bike.

Height Range

Whereas a maximum height allows less straining when using the equipment, a higher extension might affect the stability of the lift. This might be dangerous as it can lead to complete damage to the bike in case it falls and your injuries. So, go for the model that has room for height.

Extra Features

Some lifts are conveyed with wrenches for smoother operations. There are also manuals for the easiness of assembly. There are no specific extra features that you should go for, but getting something extra is always pleasant.

Motorcycle Width

The bike width presents stability and usability concerns. If the lift’s surface is too thin, bigger bikes will sway, which can be dangerous. Opt for broader lifts, as there are many different models available.


No one wants to overpay for a low-quality item. There are motor lifts that exceed $1,000. But I have used and picked some lifts that cost less than $100, which proved to be durable and top-quality. You need to get the best quality at a bargain, and the lifts under review will cover your needs.

Closing Remarks on Choosing A Motorcycle Lift

I want to point out the importance of considering your safety when going for a bike lift once again. You should never subject the lift to more weight than its maximum capability. Even for its optimal stated weight capacity, it is crucial to deduct a few pounds as it is better safe than sorry.

Picking the suitable material and design should not be a concern after reading this. Be aware of the sturdy and robust steel-made products and differentiate them from light material goods.

You need to clamp the bike to minimize its mobility on the stand. It is all for your safety and your bike’s protection. Use the manual that comes with each lift model to learn how to utilize it properly.

Have you used any of the reviewed motorcycle lifts? What do you think about motorcycle lift jacks? Would you recommend a friend to operate a motor lift? Let me know your thoughts about bike lifts and share some good and bad experiences with these tools.

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