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How To Find A Motorcycle Camping With Hiking Trails: Let’s Go

Find motorcycle camping spots with hiking trails on websites like AllTrails, state and national park websites, and local park service sites. You can also rely on outdoor guidebooks and tips from locals. Some top spots include Yosemite, Olympic, Zion, Joshua Tree, and Acadia National Parks.

Swap your helmet for a hiking hat and your bike for a backpack because I am unveiling the secrets to the perfect motorcycle camping with hiking trails adventure.

Discover how to find these incredible spots and explore some well-known gems in this blog post. Get ready for an adventure you never knew you needed!

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How To Find A Motorcycle Camping With Hiking Trails: Let’s Go

Where Can You Look For Motorcycle Camping Sites With Hiking Trails?

In your quest to find bike campsites with hiking, you can make use of several valuable resources mentioned in the researched content to assist you in discovering the perfect outdoor destinations. Here are the platforms and sources you can explore:


AllTrails is a comprehensive platform with over 400,000 trails, offering trail information, maps, detailed reviews, and photos. It’s a great tool to search for campgrounds with hiking trails, thanks to contributions from millions of hikers, campers, and nature lovers.

State Parks Websites:

Many state parks have websites where you can find information about trails and camping options. For example, Washington state parks offer nearly 700 miles of trails, and you can explore the offerings on their official websites.

National Park Websites:

National parks across the United States provide detailed information on campgrounds and hiking trails. Popular destinations like Yosemite National Park, Olympic National Park, Zion National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and more have official websites with valuable insights.

Local Park Services:

Local park services and authorities often maintain websites or provide information about regional parks and recreational areas. You can discover lesser-known campgrounds with hiking trails in your area or nearby regions through these sources.

Guidebooks and Publications:

Outdoor guidebooks and publications often feature campgrounds with hiking trails.

Look for books and magazines specific to your region or interests.

Local Knowledge:

Don’t underestimate the power of local knowledge. Chat with locals in the area you plan to visit. They can recommend lesser-known camping spots with hiking trails that might not be widely advertised.

Which Are Some Of The Well-Known Campgrounds Along With Hiking Trails?

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for the best motorcycle campgrounds with nearby hiking trails, you’re in for a treat. I have carefully selected campgrounds that not only provide fantastic places to pitch your tent but also offer exceptional hiking opportunities. 

So, rev up your motorcycle and lace up your hiking boots to enjoy the best outdoor activities for motorcyclists.

Yosemite National Park, California:

Yosemite is awe-inspiring, with designated wilderness areas, no cars, and 13 campgrounds. Most are near stunning hiking trails, like Half Dome and the Mist Trail to Vernal Fall. 

Reservations may be needed in peak seasons, but 6 sites are first-come, first-served. Backcountry adventurers can obtain a free wilderness permit.

Olympic National Park, Washington:

Olympic National Park offers diverse ecosystems, including mountains, glaciers, and rainforests. With 16 campgrounds and over 900 sites, many are close to hiking trails. Highlights include the 30-mile Hoh Rainforest loop and the Hall of Mosses Trail. 

How To Find A Motorcycle Camping With Hiking Trails: Let’s Go

Backcountry camping is permitted with a $5 permit.

Zion National Park, Utah:

Zion amazes with massive sandstone cliffs, diverse flora, and stunning vistas. Hiking trails suit all levels, including the 14-mile Kolob Arch trail. Don’t miss the $5 summer visit to the Subway, a water-sculpted tunnel. 

Book campsites early, as they fill fast. For overnight backpacking, get a wilderness permit by following the Zion Wilderness Guide.

Joshua Tree National Park, California:

Joshua Tree offers unique desert camping near distinctive rock formations. Hike Wonderland of Rocks and Hidden Valley for the best trails. Enjoy panoramic views on the Ryan Mountain Trail or a stroll on the Hidden Valley Nature Trail. 

Some sites require reservations; others are first-come, first-served. Backcountry camping is allowed with advance registration.

Acadia National Park, Maine:

Acadia on Mount Desert Island offers picturesque hikes to stunning mountaintop vistas, including Cadillac Mountain, the East Coast’s highest point. The park features two campgrounds, Blackwoods and Seawall, near the Precipice Trail, Jordan Pond Path, and the Jordan Cliffs Trail. While you are welcome to hike anywhere in the park, camping is only allowed at these designated sites.


In your search for motorcycle camping sites with hiking trails, you have explored resources like AllTrails, state and national park websites, local advice, and guidebooks. I have also uncovered some top campgrounds that combine camping with trails for bikers. 

So, rev up your motorcycle and hit the trails at these fantastic spots for memorable motorcycle and hiking adventures!

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