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How To Find A Budget-Friendly Motorcycle Camping Site? 

Finding an affordable motorcycle camping site is a breeze with the help of phone apps, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), forest service lands, and other public lands. Alternatively, you can explore options like business parking lots, rest stops, truck stops, and even neighbourhoods or backstreets. 

Are you tired of expensive campgrounds? Let’s roll into the world of wallet-friendly motorcycle camping sites. Buckle up, folks – it’s time to hit the open road!

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How To Find A Budget-Friendly Motorcycle Camping Site? 

Where You Can Find Free Camping Sites? Affordable Adventure

In your quest for the ultimate motorcycle camping experience that won’t empty your pockets, let’s find economical camping for bikers options for you. I will mark the spots for adventurers seeking those elusive yet rewarding free camping gems that will add a touch of magic to your journey. 

So, put on your explorer’s hat, and let’s uncover these hidden treasures together!

Free Camping with Phone Apps

In this digital age, phone apps are your trusty companions for finding cheap motorcycle campsites while you’re on the go. There are a lot of apps available, and here’s a selection of the best ones to make your camping experience a breeze:

  • The Dyrt (Free 30-day Trial): The Pro Membership Perks offer a road trip planner, dispersed camping with map layers, offline access, and fantastic camping and gear discounts.
  • Free Roam: You can also explore their interactive map on their website for more options.
  • iOverlander (Free): It’s easy to navigate and offers an interactive map on their website as well.
  • Campendium (Free, iPhone Only): You’ll find this app both on iPhone and their website, allowing you to access valuable information.
  • US Public Lands ($2.99, iPhone and Android): A small investment for an extensive database of public lands, perfect for planning your trips.
  • Outly (Free and Paid Versions): Besides their app, you can explore their interactive map on their website for even more flexibility.
  • (Free, Android): Both the app and website come equipped with interactive maps, making your search a breeze.

Bureau Of Land Management (BLM): Nature’s Playground

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages vast stretches of public lands used for various purposes. While they do have campgrounds that come with fees, what you’re really after is the dispersed camping they offer, often at no cost. You can check out the BLM website for detailed information:

  • Dispersed camping on BLM public lands is allowed for up to 14 days within a 28-consecutive-day period.
  • These campsites may need to be marked, so it’s essential to have a map of the location. Look for signs that indicate previous use, such as flat ground, fire rings, or tire marks.
  • Remember to follow the Leave No Trace Principles and dispose of waste properly.

Forest Service Land (USFS): Wilderness on a Budget

The United States Forest Service (USFS)  manages over 193 million acres of land across the country. While not all locations allow dispersed camping, many do, offering you a chance to immerse yourself in nature without the hefty price tag.

  • There are no amenities provided in dispersed camping areas.
  • Campers can stay in a dispersed area for up to 16 days.
  • Always follow the Leave No Trace Principles and set up camp only in designated dispersed camping areas.

Other Public Lands: Hidden Gems

Beyond BLM and USFS lands, you can find free camping in 

  • State Parks
  • City Parks, 
  • County Parks,
  • Smaller Federal Agencies

While some may require reservations, these options are still budget-friendly and well worth exploring.

How To Find A Budget-Friendly Motorcycle Camping Site? 

What Are Some Unconventional Campsites For Your Motorcycle Adventure?

Ready to take your motorcycle camping to the next level? I am going to reveal some exciting alternatives to traditional campgrounds. From urban adventures in business parking lots to the local connections found in neighborhoods and backstreets, these unconventional campsites will add a dash of thrill to your journey.

So, gear up for a unique camping experience that’s both budget-friendly and full of surprises!

Business Parking Lots: Urban Adventures

Surprisingly, some businesses like Costco, Sam’s Club, and Walmart allow overnight parking for free. Just make sure to seek approval from the store manager and ask about preferred parking spots.

  • Home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards are also known to allow overnight parking generally.
  • Camping World may offer not only parking but also free electrical and water hookups in some locations.
  • 24-Hour Fitness Centers like Planet Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, and Anytime Fitness are suitable for smaller vehicles. Having a membership can provide access to showers, restrooms, and even Wi-Fi.

Rest Stops and Truck Stops: Safe Pit Stops

During long rides, rest stops and truck stops provide a safe place to rest and even grab a meal. Some truck stops, like Pilot Travel Centers, Travel Centers of America / Petro Truck Stops, and Love’s, offer amenities like fuel, food, restrooms, and showers.

Be sure to research ahead of time to find rest stops that allow overnight parking.

Neighborhoods and Backstreets: Local Connections

While neighbourhoods can provide a sense of security, it’s best to stay if you have a connection or know someone in the area. Parking in front of a friend’s home can often be a courteous choice. Always prioritize being respectful, keeping noise levels down, and leaving no trace behind.

Opting for backstreets can also be a great choice, but it’s vital to play by the rules and respect local laws. Avoid obstructing other vehicles, maintain a respectful demeanor, and ensure you clean up after yourself. 


In a nutshell, To find a budget-friendly camping site for your motorcycle adventure is the first step toward an unforgettable journey. Whether you prefer mobile applications, public lands, business parking lots, rest stops, or quiet neighborhoods, there are budget bike touring options available that will be manageable for your finances.

So, gear up, hit the open road, and prepare for affordable motorcycle camping. Happy riding and camping, adventurer!

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