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How Much Do Motorcycle Fairings Cost? (With Examples)

There is a huge variety of motorcycle fairings to choose from. Incidentally, this also makes picking the right motorcycle fairings a tricky task. One of the important factors when it comes to choosing motorcycle fairings is their cost. The quality of the fairings and how they look are important factors; however, one should also be aware of what is considered a fair price.

How much do motorcycle fairings cost? Motorcycle fairings can cost between $100 and $3,500, depending on the fairing’s type and built quality. Aftermarket motorcycle fairings might cost $650, while OEM motorcycle fairings may be $2,500. Most motorcycle fairings cost between $100 and $650 per piece.

If you are interested in learning more about how much motorcycle fairings cost, what affects their prices, and what you should expect to pay, continue reading below.

How Much Do Motorcycle Fairings Cost? (With Examples)

Motorcycle fairings example prices

To give you a good real-world example of how much motorcycle fairings tend to cost, I have researched the prices of a number of different motorcycle fairings.

Of course, these are prices for new motorcycle fairings at the time of this article’s writing. The prices may—and most certainly will—change in the future. I will keep them updated, but discrepancies may be present.

Below I have given you detailed information on how much the different motorcycle fairings cost, and I have separated them into three categories, stock, aftermarket, and used motorcycle fairings.

How much do aftermarket motorcycle fairings cost?

A full set of aftermarket motorcycle fairings cost between $550 and $1350, depending on the type and quality of the motorcycle fairings. Aftermarket motorcycle fairings cost between $75 to $450 per piece. Aftermarket upper front fairings might cost $200, while lower front fairings and tail sections can be $250.

Depending on the motorcycle model and fairings type, fairings prices can vary a lot, but overall, the fairings for some brands will typically be a little higher. For example:

  • Honda fairings cost between $520 to $1,300. 
  • BWM fairings cost between $750 to $950. 
  • Kawasaki fairings cost between $570 to $860. 
  • Suzuki fairings cost between $550 to $1,150.
  • Ducati fairings cost between $600 and $750.
  • Triumph fairings cost between $600 and $800. 
  • Yamaha fairings cost between $600 and $1,000.
  • Harley-Davidson fairings cost between $200 and $1,500. 
  • Aprilia fairings cost between $650 and $900.

On average, aftermarket fairings cost significantly less than stock fairings. In some instances, aftermarket motorcycle fairings can be one-sixth of the cost of OEM fairings.

However, aftermarket motorcycle fairings can be of poorer quality and can oftentimes have fitment issues.

How much do OEM motorcycle fairings cost?

A full set of OEM motorcycle fairings can cost between $1,500 to upwards of $2,500, depending on their quality and type. OEM motorcycle fairings, on average, cost between $250 to $650 per piece. Front OEM motorcycle fairings might cost $550, while tail sections may be $350.

OEM motorcycle fairings are usually very expensive (to the point where it catches many riders off guard). However, they are considered original equipment and are normally of higher quality and better fitment.

How much do used motorcycle fairings cost?

Used motorcycle fairings are cheaper than brand new ones but how much they will cost depends on their condition and type.

Used aftermarket fairings can cost $50 to $200 per piece. Used OEM motorcycle fairings can cost between $200 to $400. Used OEM motorcycle fairings depending on their condition and type, can sometimes cost as much as $1,500.

How much do the different types of motorcycle fairings cost?

Street fairings usually are cheaper than race fairings. Aftermarket street fairings can cost between $550 to $850, while aftermarket race fairings might be $750 to $950.

Quarter motorcycle fairings will usually be cheaper, costing about $100 to $400 on average, with full and half motorcycle fairings usually costing between $550 to upwards of $1,200.

Streamliner motorcycle fairings can cost a lot, too, claiming prices between $1,200 to more than $2,000.

Dustbin motorcycle fairings can cost between $500 to $700, and dolphin fairings can cost about $800 to $900.

Handlebar motorcycle fairings usually are not very expensive as they cost between $100 to $300.

How Much Do Motorcycle Fairings Cost? (With Examples)

Why are there price fluctuations?

Even though aftermarket motorcycle fairings are fairly cheap, stock motorcycle fairings tend to be surprisingly expensive, and many owners will wonder why motorcycle fairings are so expensive.

It is important to consider that motorcycle fairings are made using a fairly tricky molding process. Usually, motorcycle fairings are either compression-molded or injection-molded.

Compression-molded motorcycle fairings are cheaper but are also prone to fitment issues. On the other hand, injection-molded motorcycle fairings are of higher quality but can cost more.

The molds used for the making of motorcycle fairings are also not easy to manufacture. They require high levels of craftsmanship and measuring tools. These molds will often cost thousands of dollars.

Another aspect that we should understand is that the demand and supply can also have a big say in how much a motorcycle fairing will cost. Some fairings are simply not in big demand, which means the manufacturer has to increase their price in order to justify continuing to produce them.

Another thing affecting the cost of motorcycle fairings is the paint job. The type and quality of the paint used, how it has been applied and covered can make fairings pretty expensive. For example, some of the custom painted motorcycle fairings can cost as much as $2,000 in some instances. That being said, unpainted motorcycle fairings will cost the least in most cases.

Are motorcycle fairings that cost more worth it?

There are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of motorcycle fairings. We can separate motorcycle fairings into two main groups aftermarket fairings and OEM fairings.

Even though aftermarket fairings will also vary in price, they can all be placed in the same category as a result of how they are usually manufactured. The price difference will usually stem from the number of pieces, the type of the fairings, and the motorcycle brand and model.

One of the problems with aftermarket fairings is that they often can have fitment issues. They may have some screw holes in the wrong locations or leave small gaps between the different pieces, for example. As a result, riders may have to do some additional drilling, sawing, or warping.

It is also not unheard of cheaper fairings to even melt because of the engine or the exhaust.

And lastly, the paint may not be of the right color hue and thus not match the rest of the motorcycle. (Although usually, manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors.)

OEM motorcycle fairings cost a lot more. In fact, stock fairings can cost five to six times more than aftermarket fairings, which is usually enough of a reason for the majority of owners to choose to purchase aftermarket fairings.

That being said, OEM fairings are of fairly superior quality, the right color, and will normally offer the best fitment.

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How Much Do Motorcycle Fairings Cost? (With Examples)

Are there additional costs to buying motorcycle fairings?

One of the things that often increases the costs of buying motorcycle fairings is shipment costs.

Many riders may not be able to purchase their motorcycle fairings from a local seller, and the shipment costs can be between $200 to $350, depending on the seller’s and buyer’s location.

If you are buying unpainted motorcycle fairings, you should also consider the costs of having them painted. Of course, some riders can do that by themselves, but if you are looking to have them professionally painted, this can cost anywhere between $120 to $400 depending on the paint’s type and quality, and more.

Replacement of motorcycle fairings is another cost that may be of interest to some riders. Overall replacing motorcycle fairings shouldn’t take more than one or two hours, depending on the fairings type. Repairing motorcycle fairings, on the other hand, can also be pretty expensive.


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