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How Much Do Motorcycle Tires Cost (With 24 Examples)

Motorcycle tires are one of the biggest expenses most riders will have to meet on a regular basis.

What is more, motorcycle tires can range in how much they cost depending on many different factors.

And let’s not forget that we also have to factor in other expenses such as installation and delivery fees if bought online.

So how much do motorcycle tires cost? Motorcycle tires cost between $60 and $650 per tire. Front motorcycle tires are usually cheaper than rear motorcycle tires by about 5% to 25%. The average price of a good set of motorcycle tires is between $250 to $400.

I did in-depth research comparing the prices of more than 20 of the most popular motorcycle tires over a number of different dealers, tire shops, and online motorcycle shops in order to find the average costs of motorcycle tires.

In this article, I go through the data I collected and what you can expect to pay as well as some ideas on saving money on motorcycle tires.

A mechanic changing a motorcycle tire

Motorcycle tires example prices

  • Pirelli Angel GT Tires: $145 to $325
  • Pirelli Angel GT II Tires: $165 to $330
  • Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Dual Sport Tires: $130 to $340
  • Pirelli Sport Demon: $125 to $185
  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II Tires: $160 to $360
  • Michelin Road 5 Tires: $180 to $360
  • Michelin Pilot Road 4: $160 to $360
  • Michelin Pilot Road 5: $175 to $380
  • Michelin Road 6 Tires: $190 to $385
  • Michelin Commander II Tires: $120 to $385
  • Continental Road Attack 3: $160 to $380
  • Continental Road Attacks 4: $180 to $380
  • Continental TKC 70 Tires: $120 to $390
  • Dunlop Q3 Plus Sportmax Tires: $165 to $325
  • Dunlop Q4 Sportmax Tires: $185 to $425
  • Dunlop Roadsmart 3 Tires: $105 to $260
  • Dunlop Trailmax Mission Tires: $115 to $330
  • Dunlop American Elite Tires: $136 to $380
  • Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S21 Tires: $140 to $320
  • Shinko 705 Dual Sport Tires: $70 to $210
  • Shinko 777 Cruiser Tires: $50 to $310
  • Shinko 244 Dual Sport Tires: $35 to $115
  • Kenda K-760 Trakmaster II Tires: $25 to $120
  • Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Tires: $145 to $640
How Much Do Motorcycle Tires Cost (With 24 Examples)

How much do the different types of motorcycle tires cost?

The prices of motorcycle tires will depend on their type, among other factors.

On average, the most expensive motorcycle tires are touring and Harley tires which can go for up to $650 per tire, with average prices of $200 to $500. Dirt bike and Supermoto are among the cheapest motorcycle tires costing $40 to $100 on average. Street tires and Dual Sport tires usually fall in the middle, costing about $150 to $300.

  • Touring motorcycle tires cost between $35 to $650.
  • Sport motorcycle tires cost between $45 to $450.
  • Harley tires cost between $30 to $650.
  • Supermoto tires cost between $95 to $240.
  • Dual Sport tires cost between $30 to $380.
  • Dirt Bike tires cost between $25 to $340.
  • Racing and track tires cost between $50 to $480.
  • Scooter tires cost between $25 to $300.
  • Vintage motorcycle tires cost between $30 to $300.

Prices of new vs. used motorcycle tires

On average, new motorcycle tires cost between $150 to $400, and used motorcycle tires cost between $20 to $100.

A disclaimer.

Buying used motorcycle tires is definitely cheaper, but not by much. Used motorcycle tires are definitely not cheap enough to justify the fact that they are not new. Although people can find used motorcycle tires for cheap, in most cases, it is not worth it. There are plenty of good quality new tires that can be found at a good price, and there are also some budget brands too.

Buying used motorcycle tires is usually not recommended and is also considered a safety risk.

Are motorcycle tires that cost more worth it?

Riders commuting at low speeds for no more than a few miles a day on well-maintained city roads can do well with cheaper tires. However, for riders who are traveling longer distances, frequently ride at higher speeds, and go on highways or back roads, higher quality tires are worth it.

With motorcycle tires, you usually get what you pay for.

Expensive motorcycle tires usually have a longer life, which can be very important to commuters. (See: Why do motorcycle tires wear out fast?)

Some of the low-end motorcycle tires will not last as long. At which point, we have to also account for other expenses such as the cost of motorcycle tire installation because you will have to change them more often.

And even if you choose to install the tires on your own, you still need to invest in the tools necessary, and there will be shipping costs. And this can be a time-consuming project. (See: How long does it take to install motorcycle tires?)

That being said, just because a tire is more expensive does not mean it is worth buying. Some of the mid-priced motorcycle tires may be more than enough for normal riding habits and will fit the needs of the majority of riders.

In other words, while you don’t want to buy the cheapest motorcycle tires, you may not really need to go with the most expensive ones either.

Additional costs of buying motorcycle tires

Tires are easily one of the biggest expenses. However, things do not end with the cost of the tires themselves. Some extra costs should be taken into account.

Mounting costs

Tire installation can easily cost just as much, if not more, than the tires themselves.

In my article on how much motorcycle tire installation costs, I have gone over a lot of different price quotes and found that prices can vary a lot.

Rides may have to pay between $20 to $125 per tire for labor costs.

On top of that, there can be a drastic difference between bringing in your whole motorcycle versus bringing in just the wheels. Ride-in service can be as much as twice as expensive compared to carry-in service.

There may also be other extra costs associated with balancing and disposal.

Transportation expenses

Regardless of what you will be doing in almost all cases, there will be other expenses associated with you transporting your wheels or motorcycle to a local shop for mounting, delivery costs if the tires are purchased online or both.

Transporting your motorcycle or wheels to a shop can be quite expensive depending on how far the shop is and whether you have any transportation means.

Delivery costs can also end up pretty high depending on where the tires are delivered. Motorcycle tire weight also varies, and they can also take a lot of space which can also drive delivery costs up.

How Much Do Motorcycle Tires Cost (With 24 Examples)

How to save on motorcycle tires

Generally, most online retailers offer lower prices than local shops. This is why often, the search for a new set of tires starts with looking up prices online. Even after accounting for the delivery costs buying online can be worth it.

That being said, some shops may offer price match guarantees. So if you find a cheaper set of tires online, you can run this by your local shops to see what they can offer.

In some cases, your local shop may offer the same price, which can cut down on the hassle of ordering online. In addition, they will likely offer to mount your tires as well, so it is a win-win for them. Some places can offer mounting discounts if you buy your tires from them.

That said, online retailers can also offer some good deals. For example, RevZilla offers a discount on tire installation at Cycle Gear if you purchase your tires from RevZilla.


What is the difference between a radial and bias-ply tire?

A radial tire has cords that run perpendicular to the direction of travel, allowing for better handling and higher speeds. A bias-ply tire has cords that run at an angle, providing more durability and stability at lower speeds. to know more about tires read my post Decypher the secret code: How to Read Motorcycle Tire Size like a pro.

Can I mix tire brands on my motorcycle?

It is not recommended to mix tire brands on your motorcycle, as different brands may have different tread patterns and rubber compounds that can affect the handling and stability of your bike.

How often should I replace my motorcycle tires?

The lifespan of a motorcycle tire can vary depending on factors such as usage, storage, and maintenance. As a general rule, it is recommended to replace your tires every 5 years, even if they appear to have plenty of tread left. Usually the tire will last between 5 000 km to 10 000 km depending on your driving.

What is the difference between a tube and tubeless tire?

A tubeless tire does not require an inner tube, as the air is held in by the seal between the tire and the rim. A tube tire, on the other hand, requires an inner tube to hold the air. Tubeless tires are generally lighter and less prone to punctures, but can be more difficult to repair.

Can I repair a punctured motorcycle tire?

It is possible to repair a punctured motorcycle tire, but it is important to have it done by a professional and to make sure that the repair is done properly to avoid any safety risks. if you want to know more read my post on Can You Patch Motorcycle Tire? Comprehensive Repair Guide or Can Motorcycle Tire Be Plugged? – Be the Hero and save the ride.

What should I look for when buying motorcycle tires?

When buying motorcycle tires, you should consider factors such as the type of riding you will be doing, the size and weight of your bike, and the weather and road conditions you will be riding in. It is also important to choose a reputable brand and to make sure that the tires you choose are appropriate for your bike’s specifications.


In conclusion, motorcycle tires can be a significant expense for riders. Prices can vary widely depending on the type of tire and other factors. While more expensive tires may have longer lifespans, mid-priced options may still be suitable for most riders. It’s important to factor in additional costs, such as installation and delivery fees, when purchasing motorcycle tires. Online retailers often offer lower prices, but local shops may offer price match guarantees and discounts on installation. Ultimately, finding a good balance between cost and quality is key to making the best purchase decision for your motorcycle.

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