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Desire on two wheels: motorcycle relationship goals.

What is your motorcycle relationship goals? Could it be fun to ride with your significant other? Okay, I may be a little biased. I have been coaching a female sports team for over 20 years, which consisted of women aged between 15 and 40 years. I also had the “luck” of being the only boy in the family stuck between two stubborn and somewhat annoying sisters. If you had asked me if I thought traveling with your partner was beneficial for both of us, I could have answered you on the spot.

Recently, I have seen how traveling together has strengthened our relationship in many ways, and now I know why I ride with my girlfriend every time we have the opportunity!

Fighting gender stereotypes in my motorcycle relationship goals

We have all seen the romanticized image of the guy on his motorcycle, in the wind with a look of freedom and abandonment. And while that may be true for some, there is another aspect of motorcycles that is not talked about as much: the benefits they can have on your relationship.

First of all, I am a man and identify as such, my girlfriend is a woman who identifies as a woman and we are in a fairly “standard” heterosexual relationship.

It is commonly accepted that men are generally better at sports than women and competitive motorsports are no exception. But for us weekend warriors, there is almost no difference. Usually, women are safer than men and have better planning skills. Men, in turn, are more willing to take risks and improvise. Usually, men have more endurance and will rely on the brute force while women will use technical skills to achieve the same result, which is why women will generally have a slower learning rate for physical skills but will achieve more efficiency in the long run. A man can rev his motorcycle to full throttle on a hill while clinging to the handlebars, while a woman could ride it quietly by following a different route that she will notice from the start.

So, in my opinion, there is always a physiological difference, but as long as you ride just for fun, it is unlikely that your girlfriend cannot go where you go… at least not in the long run.

This is the first reason why I ride with my girlfriend, together we learn better and faster. Since this is one of our motorcycle relationship goals, it make perfect sence.

Basic Competence (Hint: It’s Not Technical)

If you are considering riding with your partner, you must first manage basic adventure competence. During the adventure, you will find yourself in unexpected places, you may get stuck, have mechanical problems, or worse, injuries. The most basic skill you need to learn is to go with the flow. If you are the type of person who starts shouting at others the minute something goes wrong if you get angry when you or your partner make a mistake, or if you start losing control when you are tired, you may want to consider Netflix and relaxing on your couch instead of the adventure bike.

Attitude is crucial, keeping a good mood and even joking about difficult situations is a mark of character. Contrary to popular belief, shouting at everyone is not a mark of strength, it’s a sign of weakness and helplessness. Not everyone is cut out for an adventure.

That’s the second reason I ride with my girlfriend, together we are stronger in facing obstacles and always keep a good attitude.

motorcycle relationship goals

Share a common dream

I respect my girlfriend a lot and she respects me too. This respect is the foundation of our great communication. That’s why we can plan a trip together and have fun. We share the same passions, motorcycles, and exploration, but we do it for different reasons. If I want to ride 24 hours non-stop as fast as possible, I don’t think my girlfriend is my best partner. However, if she wants to stop every ten minutes to enjoy the view and sleep in a big hotel, I don’t think I’m the best partner for that. We have a common idea of what we want to do, we manage expectations, and agree on the goal.

The third reason I ride with my girlfriend is that we share the dream of exploring the unknown and getting out of our comfort zone together.

Healthier relationships – both physical and mental

There are many reasons to ride with your girlfriend. Firstly, it’s an excellent workout for both of you. Secondly, it’s a fun way to spend time together and get out of the house. Thirdly, it can help improve your communication skills as you have to talk to each other before and during your trip. Fourthly, it can help build trust as you have to rely on each other when you ride. Finally, it’s an excellent way to create bonds and create memories together.

Desire on two wheels: motorcycle relationship goals.


It’s fun to ride alone and fun to ride with friends. But for me, the fact that I can ride with my girlfriend is the best way to create adventure and good memories. We always have subject to talk and always have new adventure to try. I think the literature in psychology is clear about the fact that couples that last have points in common and also have project together. Sometimes I like to ride with other and drive faster on the trail, but the memory we build when we are tighter greatly overweight the feeling of driving fast…and it also it can add to my longevity. Hehe!

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